CE Dog Training Podcast

Pulling on Leash - Advanced

February 09, 2023 Season 1 Episode 6
CE Dog Training Podcast
Pulling on Leash - Advanced
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Show Notes

With popular demand on the pulling on leash topic, we're releasing this 2.0 version with more detailed tips that can help you through some current problems!

Based on the knowledge of the "Red Light, Green Light" method from our Episode 2, here we're going deeper with - "Heel"

  • Do we use a tight leash? 
  • What exact steps do we take? 
  • What commands can we use? 
  • When do you give "off-cues"?
  • Very importantly, WHERE do we train?

Giving detailed examples using a  balanced 3-way pie chart:
Active Rest;
Mental Stimulation;
Consistent CALM training.

These specific Dos and Don'ts might help you start with more confidence! Stay positive!

Thank you for listening!!!

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Thank you all for listening & stay tuned for more!