CE Dog Training Podcast

Reactivity - Behavior Modification

February 16, 2023 Season 1 Episode 7
CE Dog Training Podcast
Reactivity - Behavior Modification
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Show Notes

In this episode, Josh talks about the hot topic of Dog Reactivities. How to help you and your dog with the behavior modifications? 

  • What does reactivity look like?
  • When dealing with your dog's reactivity, what do we focus on?
  • What should you aim for during training?

It's essential to focus on the "Distance". Using detailed examples that can help guide you through—some basics used in Canine Education's Behavior Modification Program. 

There's also "ditching the bowl", filling the "cup". When? Based on your dog's body language. We want to build trust between you and your dogs! 

The tone we talk to our dogs, soft tones and proactively letting your dog know, by rewarding them for their good behavior. 

Always remember, this takes time. Dealing with reactivity, and anxiety takes patience and time to turn around. We don't want to put a bandage on, but to really find the solution. Mini goals are important! 

Stay positive! 

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