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"Treats" Good or Bad? - Manners Edition Series

March 02, 2023 Josh Taylor Season 1 Episode 9
CE Dog Training Podcast
"Treats" Good or Bad? - Manners Edition Series
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Show Notes

Treats do NOT always mean cookies! 

Treats can be a ball, a toy, games of tug and war or fetch; actual food/snacks. Even going for a walk can be a treat. 

The reward is what your dog defines as a "treat". By knowing your dog's beloved choice of game, snacks and toys can easily guide you to the positive reinforcement. 

Hear out Josh as he gives some examples of the things we're most probably doing right now at home! Are we ignoring our dogs when they are actually calm? Remember the "Arousal down time" is when we give them the "treats". 

We also have to keep in mind to proactively reward when the dogs are calm (good behaviour). 

What about talking to them in a soft tone? That is a reward too! Dogs can pick up patterns/sequences. A great tip is to give them "trail mix" as different levels of treats. 

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