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Story Time

March 09, 2023 Josh Taylor Season 1 Episode 10
CE Dog Training Podcast
Story Time
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Show Notes

In this episode, Josh is being very straightforward in giving examples of behavior modification, measuring "success" in training your dogs, as well as some emotional moments for him. 

Understand that you are not alone in the difficult moments while training our pups. 

It's HOW to figure out the stressful scenarios, and aim to succeed with small baby steps. 

Josh also talked about "intensity" and "recovery". Detailed examples on how to help you with your dog's Resource Guarding scenarios. 

Remember in the end, we want to create/build your relationship with your dogs, it's essential to make your dogs feel the safe environment you're providing them. 

Also hear out a bit more details in Resource Guarding and how to act in our "Premium Content". 

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