CE Dog Training Podcast

Dogs and Children - Part 1

March 16, 2023 Season 1 Episode 11
CE Dog Training Podcast
Dogs and Children - Part 1
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Show Notes

A very practical episode for dog owners experiencing some type of difficulties with your new puppy and your kid(s)!

Josh talked about how important it is to understand and measure the emotional well-being of your dog. And during tough times, what "play" is happening with your dog and your child?

Examples of pups with kids, while your kids feel hurt, but the pups don't stop?  What are the children's actions?

We need to keep in mind that our dogs have emotions, especially puppies that might be much younger than your children. What do your pups need? Attention? In most scenarios, what is exciting your dogs?

Capture the moments when the pups are calm, reward them with affection and play, focus on the good behavior! Remember puppies and children can all be unpredictable sometimes. What we need to do is try to explain and educate our kids by telling them why the dog reacts like this? Why does the dog bark? Why does the dog nip?

The key points are to show your pups less excitement, meaning you'll need your kids' cooperation to a certain degree (yes this might be more difficult!). We need active rests for your pups, for your kids, and most importantly for YOU!

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