CE Dog Training Podcast

Dog Parks and Alternatives

March 30, 2023 Season 1 Episode 13
CE Dog Training Podcast
Dog Parks and Alternatives
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Show Notes

As the weather gets warmer, Dog Park is a major topic we talk about. 

Do we bring our dogs to the dog parks? What are the alternatives? Can it be dangerous? 

A few alternatives are: 

  • Hikes / Trails 
  • Playdates with neighbors/friends 
  • Agility course: set up a simple route in your own yard! 
  • Jogging with your dogs 
  • Doggy daycare 

If you don't have an open space at home, a doggy daycare can be super helpful. 
What do we look at when looking for a nice little doggy daycare? 

  • Dog vs. Human ratio 
  • Is it a friendly social space? 
  • Do they have active rest / mental stimulation? 
  • Do they have a training regiment? 

Always remember to follow the public rules, and watch for your dog's body language. 

Find a way to help distract your dog from separation anxiety, desensitize, and boost your dog's confidence. In general, dog socialization! 

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