CE Dog Training Podcast

Being Positive

June 15, 2023 Season 1 Episode 21
CE Dog Training Podcast
Being Positive
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Show Notes

Simple as it might sound, it might be difficult to focus when it comes to being positive in dog training. 

  • There are up and downs in everything in life. Consistency is key in dog training. Whether it's reactivity, resource guarding, or any other type of behavior modification. 

  • Take these mini-wins. Wins come in different contexts.

  • Recovery time is what Josh talks about often during his training sessions. Going to the root of the problem is a long-term process. We need to figure out ways to manage THE behaviors. Why does our dog do what they are doing? 

  • Breaking through the barrier takes time. Being optimistic in what you're doing, in the end, it'll be much more rewarding. 

In this episode, Josh used the example of reactivity during a walk to show us how to learn through failures. 

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