CE Dog Training Podcast

Managing Brio's Canine Challenges

July 13, 2023 Season 1 Episode 24
CE Dog Training Podcast
Managing Brio's Canine Challenges
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Show Notes

A case from our listener - Joanna and her family! 

Talking about Brio the 3-year-old little dog buddy who is quite protective of his family, and has reactive behaviors, especially towards noises. 

Josh studies Brio's case and shared some insights from a dog trainer's perspective and training techniques to help out Joanna and her family. 

How to manage and modify reactive behaviors, foster a calm and confident environment, and transform Brio's protective nature into a harmonious coexistence!
Tune in and witness the transformative power of proper management and training, as Brio's journey inspires you to unlock the potential in every dog!

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